Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Stop With the Fear Tactics: Republicans Aren’t Cutting My Safety Net

March 5, 2024

Letters | The Examiner News

I get tired of the constant fear tactics we hear in politics. “Republicans are cutting your Social Security!” is a worn-out trope that has little basis in reality.

Our elected Republicans know any attempt to shortchange us is a non-starter. As someone who’s paid into these programs for decades, I expect our leaders to protect these programs so that my own children can one day benefit from them.

Decades of bad budgeting by shortsighted leaders, coupled with the fact that there are fewer and fewer young people paying into the system, has put these programs in jeopardy. Instead of increasing contributions or taking steps to boost youth employment, our leaders are dumping billions into nonprofit organizations that dole out undeserved tax dollars to illegal immigrants, big businesses and the willfully unemployed. They then complain that we’re broke, point the finger at fiscally-prudent conservatives and fundraise off of this smear campaign.

I raised this issue to our congressman when I first met him. Congressman Lawler was crystal clear even then: any proposals to stabilize Social Security and Medicare must protect the lifelong contributors like me.

Unlike our absentee U.S. senators, Lawler isn’t pointing fingers or pulling punches – he’s standing up for those who have paid their fair share. I expect the same of my other elected leaders, and going forward I want to hear less of the blame game and more problem-solving.

Shirley Norton
Cold Spring

Lawler’s Efforts to Raise SALT Cap Were Greatly Appreciated

February 27, 2024

The Examiner News

Here in Mount Pleasant, we have communities that are severely impacted by the unfair cap on state and local taxes (SALT).

I was glad to see that Congressman Lawler was able to force the SALT Marriage Penalty Elimination Act through the Rules Committee, forcing a vote on the floor of the House on whether the bill should be considered for a formal vote.

However, when the rule came up for a vote on the floor of the House, Democrats voted against it in overwhelming fashion, effectively killing off the first standalone bill on SALT relief to come to the floor of the House since 2017.

The vote by House Democrats hurt middle class families here in Mount Pleasant, who would have greatly benefited from Congressman Lawler’s efforts to lift the cap for married couples from $10,000 to $20,000, effectively undoing the unfair marriage penalty that exists within the current tax code.

This change would have directly benefited people in Briarcliff Manor, Pleasantville, Hawthorne, Sleepy Hollow, Valhalla, Thornwood and elsewhere across the Hudson Valley where the high cost of living and burden of excessive state and local taxes is felt deeply.

Thank you, Congressman Lawler, for your consistent efforts in trying to lift or repeal the SALT cap. I know it’s deeply appreciated by all residents in Mount Pleasant.

Carl Fulgenzi
Supervisor, Town of Mount Pleasant

Washington Needs More of Lawler’s Bipartisan Approach

February 27, 2024

The Examiner News

I must express my admiration for Congressman Mike Lawler’s handling of current key problems with the Defending Borders, Defending Democracies Act. He has masterfully struck a balance between strengthening our national borders and extending a helping hand to our allies through foreign aid while working in a bipartisan fashion.

By setting aside $60 billion for our military and for our strategic partners – Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan – Congressman Lawler isn’t just supporting our friends, he’s fortifying the pillars of global democracy. Part of the package is showing commitment to bolstering our border security, ensuring that we have some order at the border.

I’m happy Lawler represents us in North Salem. His method of bipartisan, effective policymaking in building focused bills represents us well. We need more of this in Washington.

Mary Pat Campbell
North Salem

Mondaire Jones Abandoned the Hudson Valley for Personal Gain

January 19, 2024

Opinion | The North Salem Post

I’m writing to express my profound disappointment with former Congressman Mondaire Jones for deciding to run in the Hudson Valley after having abandoned us to run in Brooklyn for another Congressional seat just a couple years ago. Mondaire Jones made it clear when he left us: his personal ambitions come before the needs of the Hudson Valley. His move blatantly disregarded our community, which he had been elected to represent and serve.

The Hudson Valley deserves dedicated representation, not blind political ambition. That’s why I’m so thankful Congressman Lawler is our current representative. Mike understands the needs of our community and is dedicated to serving us here in the Hudson Valley. From fighting for tax relief to keeping our communities safe to returning federal dollars to projects in towns and villages across our community, Congressman Lawler has been hard at work on our behalf.

Our district needs leaders like Congressman Lawler who are committed to their people, not their career trajectory. Mondaire Jones’s self-serving moves are a stark reminder of this reality.

Marcus Sarno

Lawler’s Bipartisan Pragmatism a Welcome Respite From Today’s Politics

January 16, 2024

Opinion – Examiner Media

I am writing to express my gratitude to Congressman Mike Lawler for his commitment to fiscal responsibility and his work to reduce our national debt. His support for the Fiscal Responsibility Act and the recent appropriations agreement between Senate Majority Leader Schumer and House Speaker Mike Johnson is commendable and shows his dedication to the financial future of our country.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act was a landmark piece of legislation that is projected to save taxpayers $2.1 trillion over the next 10 years. This agreement, a result of bipartisan cooperation, is a positive step toward getting our national debt under control while ensuring the government remains open. It’s heartening to see such collaborative efforts in Congress, especially in times of extreme partisan divide.

Congressman Lawler’s continued bipartisan efforts reflect a deep understanding of the challenges we face as a country and a genuine commitment to address them responsibly. His efforts give me confidence that we have a representative who is not only aware of the fiscal cliff at hand but also actively working toward pragmatic solutions.

Congressman Lawler’s bipartisan commitment is a far cry from his likely opponent, Mondaire Jones, who was ranked as the third most progressive member when he served in the House of Representatives.
Voters in the 17th Congressional District should choose to re-elect Lawler, whose steadfast commitment to commonsense progress and fiscal pragmatism far outweigh Mr. Jones’ commitment to radical progressivism and wanton spending.

Ted Lai
Sleepy Hollow