Stop Out-of-Control Federal Spending

Congressman Lawler understands that the federal government needs to live within its means, just like the Hudson Valley’s working families, retirees, and small businesses do each day.  

That’s why Congressman Lawler helped lead the charge in supporting the bipartisan “Fiscal Responsibility Act’, which:

  • Saves taxpayers $2.1 trillion over the next ten years
  • Caps spending at 1% growth
  • Strengthens work requirements for able-bodied citizens who can work
  • Protects veterans services, Social Security, and Medicare

Improve Affordability for Hudson Valley Taxpayers

Congressman Lawler earned his reputation as a true, fiscally conservative Republican in New York’s State Assembly, where he:

  • Established a 10% property tax exemption for our volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel
  • Pushed to establish a tax credit to offset utility bill increases
  • Supported eliminating state sales tax on everyday necessities such as housekeeping supplies, personal care products and prepared food
  • Introduced legislation to double the STAR Property Tax Relief benefit for seniors

In Congress, he’s continued to fight for overburdened taxpayers – taking on politicians in both parties – by leading bipartisan efforts to reduce the burden on local taxpayers by:

  • Voting to pass an expanded Child Tax Credit out of the House, allowing 16 million more low-income families with children to qualify
  • Introducing both the “Middle Class Tax Relief Act” and “SALT Marriage Penalty Elimination Act” in an ongoing effort to provide tax relief to middle-class Hudson Valley families who have been negatively impacted by the SALT cap
  • Supporting the “Volunteer First Responder Housing Act” to help establish a new $18,000 tax deduction to help volunteer firefighters and EMTs offset the cost of housing in the Hudson Valley
  • Fighting against Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams’ absurd congestion pricing plan – a $5,000/year tax on Hudson Valley commuters into NYC

Support Law Enforcement and Crack Down on Crime

Congressman Lawler won overwhelming support from the law enforcement community during his successful election in 2022, and has continued to “back the blue” in Congress.

Congressman Lawler is crystal clear on what needs to be done to make our communities and schools safer and more secure:

  • Force states like New York to repeal the dangerous cashless bail laws that have allowed dangerous criminals to repeatedly terrorize innocent men and women
  • Fight the radical “defund the police” agenda that endangers the lives of our brave police officers and fuels a growing disrespect and disregard for law and order
  • Fought for and won millions in federal funding to support law enforcement and first responders – including in our Hudson Valley communities. 
  • Introduced the Schools Want Accountability for Threats (SWAT) Act to increase the penalty for a swatting attack that specifically targets a school
  • Promoted bipartisan legislation called “The Providing Child Care for Police Officers Act of 2023”, which helps make childcare more accessible to the men and women of law enforcement

Protect Social Security, Medicare & Veterans Services

When it comes to standing up for our seniors and veterans, Congressman Lawler has been crystal clear in his position, including:

  • Never supporting any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or veterans services that violate the sacred promises made to the hard working men and women who built this country, nor those who wore the uniform in defense of our freedoms.
  • Voting for $18 billion in additional funding for veterans and their families, encompassing both healthcare and other services.
  • Assisting countless veterans so far this year who were facing difficulties with claims at the VA, or with Social Security and Medicare issues. 
  • Introducing and sponsoring several bipartisan pieces of legislation aimed at improving and expanding access to benefits for veterans and their families.

Improve Education and Support Parental Rights

As a New York State Assemblyman, Congressman Lawler championed increases in school aid for Hudson Valley schools – and delivered – refusing to allow politicians in Albany and New York City from continuing to cheat our schools out of much-needed resources.

As a Member of Congress, Mike has continued to advocate for ensuring our children receive a world-class education, and that a child’s zip code doesn’t dictate the quality of education they receive. Congressman Lawler has:

  • Been leading the charge against Governor Hochul’s absurd proposal to provide $2.4 billion in funding for undocumented migrants, while cutting foundation aid to nearly half the schools in the 17th Congressional District
  • Sponsored legislation that passed the House that gives parents access to the very best educational options for their child, bar none.  That means recognizing the viability of public schools, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, as well as religious schools, parochial schools, and yeshivas.
  • Supported the rights of parents to advocate on behalf of age-appropriate school curriculum for students, while ensuring we teach children tolerance and compassion for all
  • Encouraged teaching students about our country’s history in ways that demonstrates that, while far from perfect in its history, America remains the greatest force for good, freedom, and democracy in the world.

Secure Our Border and Support Immigration Reform

The open border policies put in place by President Biden – and the failed Sanctuary State and City policies promoted by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams in New York City – are a disaster and a national emergency.

At the same time, as the husband of an immigrant from Eastern Europe, Congressman Lawler understands the importance of legal immigration, the positive impact it has on our country, and the need to fix – once and for all – the lawless, inhumane, and dangerous system now in place.

To that end, Congressman Lawler has:

  • Visited the southern border in person to assess the situation on the ground and spoke with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents dealing with a record number of illegal crossing
  • Helped pass the “Secure the Border Act” (H.R.2) through the House of Representatives in an attempt to end President Biden’s open border policies, while also proposing a measure named the “Dignity Act”, which is the first serious, bipartisan immigration reform effort in decades
  • Introduced the “Fentanyl Kills Act” which charges fentanyl traffickers with attempted murder
  • Took on New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Hochul for the mess their Sanctuary State and City policies have created in NYC, which is now facing a migrant crisis spilling into the Hudson Valley

Maintain a Commonsense, Mainstream Position on Abortion

Congressman Lawler recognizes the strong emotions and sincere passions that the nation’s debate over abortion have evoked, and has responded by clearly outlining a position that is in the mainstream of public opinion on the issue, including:

  • Opposing a federal ban on abortion
  • Never restricting the right of women to seek legal abortions in the case of serious health issue, or if she is a victim of rape or incest
  • Supporting expectant mothers through more funding for adoption programs, making birth control more accessible and affordable
  • Opposing late-term by he  abortions, sex-selection abortions, and non-doctors performing abortions
  • Supports parental notification for instances when a minor is pregnant and seeking an abortion

Promote a Balanced, Sensible Approach on Guns

Congressman Lawler is a supporter of the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms for defense of property and person, as well as recreational pursuits like hunting, competitive shooting, and as a collector.  

At the same time, Congressman Lawler has been a leader in promoting responsible gun ownership, while cracking down on illegal guns and those who commit crimes with them, including:

  • Led the fight to extend the bipartisan “Undetectable Firearms Act” – originally signed into law by President Ronald Reagan – which makes it harder for people wishing to sneak firearms past metal detectors in our stadiums, arenas, and other public buildings
  • Supporting red flag laws, so long as they mandate due process, to keep guns out of the hands of those likely to harm themselves or others
  • Prohibiting gun purchases by anyone with an outstanding warrant, and increasing penalties for the threat of mass harm.
  • Support the installation of panic alarms as part of all school safety plans, and the funding of school resources officers nationwide for those districts that would like to have them.

Preserve the Environment and Responsible Energy Policy

Congressman Lawler is a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, and believes in the importance of clean air and clean water, having supported the creation of the Environmental Bond Act, a $4 billion investment aimed at improving climate resiliency, protecting clear air and water, and growing New York’s energy sector.

In Congress, Mike has continued his work in this space, including:

  • Introducing the NJ-NY Watershed Protection Act, which would establish an annual $20 million fund to ensure the Hudson River stays clean
  • Fighting to keep radioactive wastewater out of the Hudson River, and pushing for the state to find a different solution for the decommissioning of Indian Point
  • Supporting bills that would improve air quality, reduce emissions, improve recycling and composting capabilities, and expand healthcare benefits for military members and their families exposed to PFAS on bases

Ensure a Strong National Defense and Military Preparedness

Congressman Lawler firmly believes in the notion of peace through strength, and that means ensuring our military has the resources it needs to keep us safe and protect our freedoms.

As a member of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressman Lawler has visited 2 continents and 6 countries in the past year to both stand with our allies and send a clear message to our enemies about America’s critical role in the world, including:

  • Introducing a bipartisan measure called the “Defending Borders, Defending Democracies Act,” which would pair securing our southern border with funding defense-only appropriations in support of Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan
  • Promoting the “Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization Act” in the House, which would study the establishment of a NATO-like coalition between the United States, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan, in an effort to deter aggression by the communist Chinese and North Korea 
  • Taking on members of his own party to support funding of Ukraine’s military operations to combat Vladimir Putin’s unjustified and illegal invasion of Ukraine, which threatens to spill over into neighboring countries in an effort to bring other former Soviet territories and neighboring nations like Moldova back under Russian control

Defend and Support Our Great Ally – The State of Israel

Always a staunch ally of Israel and the Jewish people, Congressman Lawler’s commitment to our greatest ally was only strengthened in the wake of the barbaric Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7, 2023.  Following the attacks, Congressman Lawler visited Israel as part of a bipartisan delegation and has reaffirmed his commitment to Israel by:

  • Passing the Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords Act in the NDAA, a critical measure that establishes a special envoy tasked with advancing the Abraham Accords, normalization agreements between Israel and other nations, and working towards a lasting and permanent peace in the Middle East with a sovereign and free state of Israel.
  • Teaming up with Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) to pass the The “Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum Act” (SHIP Act) through the House, which directs the President to strengthen sanctions against foreign persons that knowingly transport, process, refine, or otherwise deal in petroleum and petroleum products originating in Iran
  • Introducing the bipartisan “Antisemitism Awareness Act”, which requires the Department of Education to more rigorously investigate and prosecute violations of federal anti-discrimination laws on our college campuses, which have become a breeding ground for hate
  • Working with Rep. Josh Gottheimer to introduce the IGO Anti-Boycott Act, legislation designed to combat the rampant antisemitism that exists within IGO’s like the UN and its subsidiary, UNRWA, which hired Hamas terrorists who partook in the horrific October 7th attacks. Congressman Lawler will continue fighting antisemitism in the US and abroad, never ceasing to support Israel and the Jewish people
  • Staying in constant communication with local families who had loved ones trapped in Israel in the wake of the attacks, or had family members in need of other assistance