Letter to the Editor

Lawler’s Bipartisan Pragmatism a Welcome Respite From Today’s Politics

January 16, 2024

Opinion – Examiner Media

I am writing to express my gratitude to Congressman Mike Lawler for his commitment to fiscal responsibility and his work to reduce our national debt. His support for the Fiscal Responsibility Act and the recent appropriations agreement between Senate Majority Leader Schumer and House Speaker Mike Johnson is commendable and shows his dedication to the financial future of our country.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act was a landmark piece of legislation that is projected to save taxpayers $2.1 trillion over the next 10 years. This agreement, a result of bipartisan cooperation, is a positive step toward getting our national debt under control while ensuring the government remains open. It’s heartening to see such collaborative efforts in Congress, especially in times of extreme partisan divide.

Congressman Lawler’s continued bipartisan efforts reflect a deep understanding of the challenges we face as a country and a genuine commitment to address them responsibly. His efforts give me confidence that we have a representative who is not only aware of the fiscal cliff at hand but also actively working toward pragmatic solutions.

Congressman Lawler’s bipartisan commitment is a far cry from his likely opponent, Mondaire Jones, who was ranked as the third most progressive member when he served in the House of Representatives.
Voters in the 17th Congressional District should choose to re-elect Lawler, whose steadfast commitment to commonsense progress and fiscal pragmatism far outweigh Mr. Jones’ commitment to radical progressivism and wanton spending.

Ted Lai
Sleepy Hollow