Letter to the Editor

Mondaire Jones Abandoned the Hudson Valley for Personal Gain

January 19, 2024

Opinion | The North Salem Post

I’m writing to express my profound disappointment with former Congressman Mondaire Jones for deciding to run in the Hudson Valley after having abandoned us to run in Brooklyn for another Congressional seat just a couple years ago. Mondaire Jones made it clear when he left us: his personal ambitions come before the needs of the Hudson Valley. His move blatantly disregarded our community, which he had been elected to represent and serve.

The Hudson Valley deserves dedicated representation, not blind political ambition. That’s why I’m so thankful Congressman Lawler is our current representative. Mike understands the needs of our community and is dedicated to serving us here in the Hudson Valley. From fighting for tax relief to keeping our communities safe to returning federal dollars to projects in towns and villages across our community, Congressman Lawler has been hard at work on our behalf.

Our district needs leaders like Congressman Lawler who are committed to their people, not their career trajectory. Mondaire Jones’s self-serving moves are a stark reminder of this reality.

Marcus Sarno