April 18, 2024

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Pearl River, NY – 4/18/2024… Today, the Lawler for Congress campaign launched detailing Mondaire Jones’ extreme record and rhetoric, including calls to ‘defund-the-police’, smearing border patrol and ICE agents, and lavishing praise on anti-Semites and socialists – painting the picture of a far-left radical dangerously out-of-touch with the Hudson Valley.

“Mondaire Jones is a radical whose support for dangerously out-of-touch policies and extreme rhetoric has made it more dangerous to serve in law enforcement and less safe to live in New York,” said Lawler for Congress strategist Chris Russell.  “Mr. Jones is on tape – in his own words – saying we need to ‘defund the police’ and release dangerous criminals from our prisons, and he also wrote a column calling for an end to cash bail.”

Russell said Jones’ record and rhetoric on immigration makes him an extremist on that issue as well.

“While illegal immigrants were pouring across our border at a record pace, Mondaire Jones was busy outlining ways he would ‘further New York as a Sanctuary City,’ attacking border patrol agents as guilty of ‘unfathomable cruelty’ and smearing ICE agents as ‘racist’,” added Russell.  “Make no mistake, Mondaire Jones is Eric Adams and Bill deBlasio on steroids.”  

Russell said the stark differences between Congressman Lawler and candidate Jones on the issues of public safety and immigration will be front and center in the 17th District congressional campaign.

“Congressman Lawler is well on his way to sweeping endorsements from law enforcement because the men and women in blue – and their families – don’t want a ‘defund-the-police’ radical like Mondaire Jones anywhere near elected office,” said Russell. “Instead, they want someone like Congressman Lawler who is delivering millions in local police funding, leading the fight to get rid of cashless bail, and fighting back against New York’s asinine Sanctuary State and City policies that have created a total mess in our region.” 

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April 17, 2024

Jones voted, on average, 97% of the time with the “Squad” during his time in office, who all voted against the resolution condemning the phrase as antisemitic.

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Pearl River, NY – 4/17/2024… Today, the Lawler for Congress campaign slammed Mondaire Jones’ refusal to condemn the “Squad” for voting against a resolution that labeled the “From the River to the Sea” slogan as antisemitic.

“It’s no surprise that Mondaire Jones refuses to call out the Squad for voting against a resolution that labeled the ‘From the River to the Sea’ slogan as antisemitic,” said Lawler for Congress spokesman Chris Russell.  “The reason? Mr. Jones’ closest friends in Congress, like Jamaal Bowman, AOC, Cori Bush, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, all voted against the resolution.”

“Mondaire Jones can try to hide from it, but he voted with these members, on average, over 97% of the time during his tenure in Congress,” concluded Russell.  “It’s no coincidence that he’s silent on their votes on this bill – it’s because deep down, he agrees with them.”  


Congressman Lawler’s office closes thousands of constituent cases

March 20, 2024

Mid Hudson News

PEARL RIVER- If you are searching for an answer from a federal agency and can’t get a timely answer, the first place to turn for help is the office of your Representative.  Congressman Mike Lawler’s office recently closed its 3,000 constituent service case.

“I’m thrilled that our team has closed over 3,000 cases in just 63 weeks, returning over 13.85 million dollars to constituents,” said Lawler.  “Our district staff are some of the best in the business, and I’m thankful for all of their hard work on behalf of the residents of New York’s 17th Congressional District.”

According to Lawler, cases have ranged from bringing constituents home safely from Israel after the October 7th attacks, to expediting passports for hundreds of families, including the opening of a new passport facility in the district, to helping those who came to the US for a brighter future, including spouses and family members of US citizens, acquire green cards, to advocating with the IRS to send long-awaited tax refunds, to securing long-awaited VA, Social Security, or Medicare benefits.

Lawler has two district offices, one located in Blue Hill Plaza in Pearl River and the other on McAlpine Avenue in Carmel.

Mike Lawler Joins The Julie Mason Show – SiriusXM

March 20, 2024

Sidewalk Construction Planned In Putnam With Federal Funding

March 15, 2024

By Lanning Taliaferro

PUTNAM COUNTY, NY — $7.5 million in federal funding has been awarded to Putnam County for a pedestrian improvement project.

The funding will be used for a pedestrian improvement plan, including the replacement and installation of sidewalks, said Rep. Mike Lawler. “This project will improve accessibility and safety, improve connectedness, and improve ADA compliance. It would also result in additional mobility options near senior centers so that Putnam’s Golden Generation has access to amenities in towns around the county.”

Putnam County Executive Kevin Byrne thanked Lawler for the funding in his State of the County speech March 7.

“Earlier this week, I received a call from Congressman Mike Lawler to inform me that the proposed $5.5 million for new construction and accessibility upgrades to sidewalks throughout Putnam County, was included in the House Appropriations Bill that passed yesterday. Thank you, Congressman for keeping Putnam a priority, and bringing home this critical funding,” he said.

The administration plans to design and construct multiple missing sidewalk links, including:

  • Haviland Drive & Fairfield Drive in the Town of Patterson
  • Farm to Market Road & NYS Route 311, Town of Southeast
  • Peaceable Hill Road and Tonetta Lake Road, Town of Southeast/ Village of Brewster
  • East Lake Blvd, Town of Carmel
  • Baldwin Place Road, Town of Carmel
  • Secor Road, Town of Carmel
  • Upper & Lower Station Road, Town of Philipstown
  • Fair Street, Village of Cold Spring

Michael Lewyn, an associate professor at Touro Law Center on Long Island and Director of the Institute on Land Use and Sustainable Development, told Patch that the impetus to accommodate pedestrians as well as cars has been growing in communities nationwide.

“There is at least some trend towards adding sidewalks,” he said. “1000 municipalities have adopted ‘complete streets’ policies which require them to make streets safe for all users (which include walkers and cyclists) — not just in the Northeast but even in car-oriented Sunbelt places. Some of those municipalities have built added sidewalk miles; however, in the absence of a national inventory it is hard to know how many cities have made significant efforts.”

Americans spend an average of $10,000 annually on their cars, plus tax dollars to build and maintain roads and the indirect costs of regulations designed to promote parking and other car-oriented infrastructure. When people feel compelled to drive because of transportation policies where streets are made just for automobiles, the costs of cars can start to look a lot like a government-imposed tax, he wrote in 2o22.

Mike Lawler is a friend to local law enforcement. Don’t be fooled

March 15, 2024

Opinion | Lohud
By Carl Fulgenzi

I was shocked to read the recent column by David McKay Wilson that tacitly attacked Rep. Mike Lawler for voting with all but one of his New York House colleagues to keep the government open and funded.

State and local law enforcement actually received over $58 million in additional funding in the bipartisan spending package, including in the 17th District, but that’s hardly covered in Wilson’s column.

Instead, Wilson chose to hone in on FBI and ATF budgets, claiming that there were massive cuts which would lead to drastic impacts on the day-to-day operations of the agencies.

The fact is — that’s just not true.

Over $620 million of the $654 million in cuts to the FBI came from eliminating one earmark that was secured by former Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama. That means roughly 95% of the cuts were from that single construction earmark being trimmed. I don’t know about the rest of the Hudson Valley, but for me, eliminating a $620+ million earmark for a building to a federal agency with a massive pre-existing budget to help enact spending cuts seems like common sense.

Runaway federal spending has caused a massive spike in mortgage rates, credit card rates, inflation, and more since Joe Biden took office. I, for one, appreciate Lawler working in a bipartisan way to try and reduce spending.

But even while reducing spending, Lawler has been delivering the goods for our district.

For Fiscal Year 2024, Lawler was able to bring back almost $36 million in funding for projects all across the 17th District, including in Mount Pleasant.

Lawler was able to secure over $800,000 in funding to help us update our Police Department’s dispatch system – a critical upgrade that will help our cops protect our community and respond even quicker to calls.

Mondaire Jones, Lawler’s predecessor, has an incredibly questionable track record as it pertains to supporting law enforcement. Jones, who has been vocally supportive of the Defund The Police movement, failed to secure any community project funding for local law enforcement in his two years in office. Despite his public claims otherwise, Jones has called for the defunding of the police, supported ending qualified immunity, advocated for convicted and even incarcerated felons voting, and supported cashless bail.

My son left the NYPD because he was not allowed to be a Police Officer, a job he truly enjoyed when he started.

I think the contrast for voters is quite clear.

Lawler supports our cops locally, supports municipalities and police departments with funding, and wants to lock up criminals.

Jones wants to defund the police, let felons vote from prison, enact cashless bail nationwide, and make our communities less safe.

People should vote accordingly in November.

Carl Fulgenzi is supervisor for the town of Mount Pleasant.


March 14, 2024

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Pearl River, NY – 3/14/2024… Today, law enforcement leaders from across the Hudson Valley joined together in condemning Mondaire Jones for his false attacks and expressing their support for Congressman Lawler. Recently, Mondaire Jones has claimed the support of Hudson Valley law enforcement in the race for the 17th Congressional District.

“Congressman Lawler has supported law enforcement while in Congress, including in his hometown of Orangetown. Our members saw it first-hand when he was Deputy Town Supervisor of the Town of Orangetown and got the Department what was needed, we saw it when he was in Albany, and we have seen it in Washington D.C. time and time again. Most recently Congressmen Lawler assisted with getting 10 million dollars in seizure money out of bureaucratic red tape and to Police Departments and Sheriffs in the Hudson Valley,” said Larry Ayers and Patrick Casey, Rockland County Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President and Public Information Officer. “Mondaire Jones can make up stories about budgets and appropriations, and play other political games, but when it comes to supporting law enforcement in the Hudson Valley, Congressman Mike Lawler has never wavered.”

“As much as Mondaire Jones would like to revise history, the public remembers that he is an original proponent of defunding the police. Our communities are less safe as a result of Mondaire’s progressive ideology,” stated Keith Olson, President of the Westchester APA. “Congressman Mike Lawler is, and always has been, a staunch supporter of law enforcement. For those who value public safety, Mike Lawler is the clear choice to represent NY’s 17th Congressional District.”

“Congressman Lawler has been a staunch supporter of law enforcement during his time in the Assembly and in Congress, and I’m thankful to have him as a partner in government. His backing of law enforcement has been unwavering, and it is thanks to his efforts that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department received long overdue funds from a settlement,” said Putnam County Sheriff Kevin McConville. “Lawler’s track record of supporting and funding police in the Hudson Valley is clear – and anyone calling that into question is lying to the public.”

“Since well before his time in Congress, Mike Lawler has been a strong supporter of law enforcement. At every turn, he’s been readily available to speak with, meet with, and get a hold of – a model public servant in that regard. The recent attacks on him for voting for a bipartisan appropriations package are laughable – all but one of his colleagues from the House in New York voted yes on the same bill,” stated Dutchess County Sheriff Kirk Imperati. “Cops, their families, and our communities all know the truth – Congressman Mike Lawler is one of the strongest supporters of law enforcement in New York, and we’re lucky to have him representing us. Mondaire Jones, a strong supporter of the defund the police movement, would make the 17th District less safe.”

“Congressman Lawler is thankful for the strong backing of law enforcement from across the 17th District,” stated Lawler for Congress Campaign Manager Ciro Riccardi. “They know who has their back and who’s spreading misinformation and lies in an effort to get elected to a seat he abandoned.”

“Unlike Mondaire Jones, Congressman Lawler has actually supported law enforcement in the 17th District by bringing back Community Project Funding and by getting local police departments seizure funds they were due in less than a year – something Mondaire couldn’t accomplish in his full term,” concluded Riccardi. “Voters in the 17th District know the truth – Mike supports our police while Mondaire Jones wants to defund them – and those same voters will show Mondaire the door in 2024.”


This is a crisis for New York City: Rep. Mike Lawler

March 13, 2024

Fox Business

Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., discusses the migrant crisis hitting NYC, the impact of the influx of migrants on schools and Gov. Kathy Hochul deploying the National Guard in the city’s subways.


March 13, 2024

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Pearl River, NY – 3/13/2024… Today, Congressman Mike Lawler announced the endorsement of LIUNA-NY, an organization with over 40,000 unionized construction workers across the state of New York. This comes on the heels of the endorsement of the Laborers Local 754, a local LIUNA chapter.

“Congressman Lawler has been a staunch supporter of the construction trades during his time in office. His hard work to create local jobs, grow the economy, and support our members is greatly appreciated, and we are thrilled to endorse him in the race for New York’s 17th District,” said Vincent Albanese, Executive Director of the NYS Laborers’ PAC. “We look forward to working with him in the coming years and thank him for his support of our members.”

“Local 754 has always recognized and appreciated your commitment to the people you represent beginning with your first term in the NYS Assembly. Your ability to see the needs of your constituents and your tireless effort in addressing those needs is rare in this political climate. We appreciate your willingness to work across the aisle with your Democratic colleagues,” said Stephen Reich, Business Manager of the Laborers’ Local 754. “Although we do not agree 100% on all issues, your commitment of the needs of the working men and women of the 17th Congressional District is unwavering. It is nice to have a friend in Washington that actually listens and is available. In this regard you are unmatched.”

“I’m thrilled to have the endorsements of LIUNA-NY and the Laborers Local 754 in the race for New York’s 17th District,” stated Congressman Mike Lawler. “The backbone of the Hudson Valley community are our working families, and none more so than those who work in the construction and building trades.”

“In Congress, I’ve been proud to support legislation that supports infrastructure investment in the Hudson Valley, creating good paying, middle-class jobs for folks in LIUNA-NY, Laborers’ Local 754, and other unions,” Lawler added. “I’ll never stop fighting for the middle-class, those who work in the construction trades, and their families.”


Congressman Lawler Secures $2 Million Grant to Ease Somers Water Woes

March 13, 2024

Halston Media News
By Carol Reif

SOMERS, N.Y. – Somers is excited to be able to tap into grants that will allow it to resolve some of its drinking water issues.

The first big bucket of money is coming from the state and the second from the federal government.

Several years ago, tests mandated by aggressive new state health regulations detected perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) above maximum allowable contaminant levels in wells supplying the Town House, aka The Elephant Hotel, in the heart of the town’s Business-Historic Preservation District.

The two are known as “forever chemicals” because they embed themselves in the environment and bioaccumulate, or build up over time, in the bodies of humans and other living creatures.

Somers was issued a violation for the PFOS and PFOA by the Westchester County Health Department and told it needed to come up with a remediation plan ASAP.

Among the long-term options it weighed were installing an on-site filtration system, finding an alternate water source, and/or forming a water district that included adjacent properties and hooking into the system at Heritage Hills, a sprawling condo development that has five wells and its own treatment facilities.

The on-site filtration idea apparently dried up due to the lack of space on the Town House’s property, which is located at the confluence of Route 100 and 202.

After engaging its engineering consultants, Woodard & Curran, to determine if there was a feasible regional solution, the town started putting out feelers to see if folks in the business district were interested in forming a water district.

Reaction from property owners reportedly was positive.

Lifelines Thrown

Albany rode to the town’s rescue this February with $1.7 million in funding from the Water Infrastructure Improvement (WIIA) program.

The WIIA program helps municipalities fund critical wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects. It aims to reduce water pollution and safeguard supplies from emerging contaminants and toxic chemicals.

But wait, there’s more.

Just last week, U.S. Rep. Mike Lawler, a Republican who represents New York’s 17th Congressional District, announced that his office had secured $2 million grant for the town through the federal Community Project Funding program.

The money will be used, he said, “to facilitate primary drinking water regulations by constructing a water main in the core of the Somers community” and to “address severe risks to public health by addressing PFAS MCL exceedances in the Business-Historic Preservation District.”

Lawler noted that a total of $35.9 million for Somers’s and 16 other projects in his district had been included in a “bipartisan appropriations package” passed in the House on Wednesday, March 6.

“I am thrilled to have secured almost $36 million in funding for communities across New York’s 17th District,” Lawler said, noting that the projects range from” providing clean drinking water for tens of thousands of residents to repairing aging infrastructure and dams to expanding pedestrian safety and accessibility.”

This infusion of cash will “significantly improve the quality of life of residents across the Hudson Valley.”

Lawler also said that the $35.9 million in funding is “more than quadruple” the amount of funding brought back by the 17th District’s previous representative, Democrat Mondaire Jones.

Seeking to regain his old seat, Jones will face off against Lawler in the fall if he wins the Democratic primary in June against former Bedford Supervisor MaryAnn Carr.

Early Days

Somers Supervisor Rob Scorrano echoed Lawler’s feelings about the grants at the Town Board’s Thursday, March 7 work session.

“This is positive, exciting news,” he said, adding: “We just need to get moving in the direction we need to get moving in.”

Now that the town’s “declared” its funding source, among the many necessary next steps could be approaching the owners and operators of Heritage Hills’s water system, Veolia North America, to see about access. Veolia merged with the system’s previous overseers, Suez, in 2022.

If it’s able to work out a deal with Veolia, the town will then have to go through the process of forming a water district and get various approvals from agencies such as the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Then there’s the actual construction of a water main from the new source up to the Town House. Property owners along the way also will be given the option to hook up, Scorrano said.

Water Over the Dam

In 2021, when the PFOA and PFOS violations were levied, then town Supervisor Rick Morrissey said he was “comfortable” that no employee’s or visitor’s health had been compromised because the building had already been using bottled water due to high sodium and chloride levels.

He agreed, however, that the situation was something that needed addressing.

Other tests around that time found coliform bacteria, but that was a problem that was eliminated by disinfecting the plumbing system and making other changes.

For PFOS and PFOA, the fix isn’t as easy.

New York’s Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for PFOA and PFOS is 10 parts per trillion (ppt).

The levels found in the historic landmark’s wells in the spring of 2021 were 11.5 ppt for PFOA and 39.4 ppt for PFOS.

Forever With Us

Around since the 1960s, PFOS and PFOA have been used in a variety of consumer and industrial products, such as stain-resistant clothing and furniture, nonstick pans, food packaging, and firefighting foam.

Chronic exposure can lead to cancer and while not an immediate threat like sodium and chloride isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Woodard & Curran, the town’s engineering consultants, had noted that if the Town House’s water had PFOS and PFOA in it, then it’s likely that other wells that access the same aquifer might also contain them.

The state doesn’t require homeowners to test their wells for PFOS, PFOA, or 1,4-Dioxane, which is a synthetic chemical and likely carcinogen that municipalities must also test for.

The good news is that levels of 1,4-Dioxane in the Town House water were undetectable, according to the town’s water department. (The states Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for that substance is 1 part per billion (ppb).)

Situation Not Unique

In 2021, PFOS and PFOA were both found in the water used by the Pequenakonck Elementary School in nearby North Salem and the Meadow Pond Elementary School in Lewisboro.

Only one of the contaminants – PFOA – was detected at a level that triggered an immediate “Do Not Drink” advisory at both schools. Bottled water had to be provided for drinking and for use in the school cafeteria. It was safe for washing hands, flushing toilets, and cleaning purposes.

Last April, the North Salem school district got the thumbs-up from the Westchester health folks to use the new water filtration system at the Middle/High school campus.

Its water is now passed through 12 granular activated carbon and greensand filters that remove PFOA and PFOS and minerals such as iron and manganese.

PQ was to undergo similar improvements in its water filtration system.

According to North Salem schools Superintendent Dr. Duncan Wilson there is a small proposition included in the district’s preliminary 2024-2025 budget to raise $713,000 to complete the PQ water filtration project. The district has the necessary approvals and bids and is ready to start it this summer, he said.

The original project, which was to remove the minerals, “grew considerably” in the past two to three years due to the new health requirements for PFAS and PFOA, Wilson added.

Who Is Veolia?

Veolia operates 8,500 water and wastewater facilities around the world and serves more than 550 communities in North America.

PFOS and PFOA were found in all of the five wells in 2021 used by Heritage Hills but they were all way below the MCL of 10 ppt. The highest recorded was 7.01 ppt and the lowest, 1.80 ppt.

No violations were found and the likely source of the contamination was, according to a report describing the quality of Heritage Hills’ drinking water, “released into the environment from widespread use in commercial and industrial applications.”

Veolia’s drilled wells are all located off Route 202. They are fenced in and capped in order to protect them.

It should be noted that all drinking water, included the bottled stuff, “may be reasonably expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants,” Veolia’s water quality report said.

The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk, it added.

None of the five wells were found to be in violation for inorganic contaminants such as nitrate, barium; lead or copper; disinfectants or disinfection by products, secondary contaminants such as chloride, manganese, or sodium; radiological contaminants such as radium and uranium; or PFOS/PFOA.

Good to Know

For information about contaminants and potential health effects, call the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791 or the Westchester County Health Department at 914-813-5000, or by viewing the EPA drinking water website, and the New York state Health Department website,