April 18, 2024

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Pearl River, NY – 4/18/2024… Today, the Lawler for Congress campaign launched detailing Mondaire Jones’ extreme record and rhetoric, including calls to ‘defund-the-police’, smearing border patrol and ICE agents, and lavishing praise on anti-Semites and socialists – painting the picture of a far-left radical dangerously out-of-touch with the Hudson Valley.

“Mondaire Jones is a radical whose support for dangerously out-of-touch policies and extreme rhetoric has made it more dangerous to serve in law enforcement and less safe to live in New York,” said Lawler for Congress strategist Chris Russell.  “Mr. Jones is on tape – in his own words – saying we need to ‘defund the police’ and release dangerous criminals from our prisons, and he also wrote a column calling for an end to cash bail.”

Russell said Jones’ record and rhetoric on immigration makes him an extremist on that issue as well.

“While illegal immigrants were pouring across our border at a record pace, Mondaire Jones was busy outlining ways he would ‘further New York as a Sanctuary City,’ attacking border patrol agents as guilty of ‘unfathomable cruelty’ and smearing ICE agents as ‘racist’,” added Russell.  “Make no mistake, Mondaire Jones is Eric Adams and Bill deBlasio on steroids.”  

Russell said the stark differences between Congressman Lawler and candidate Jones on the issues of public safety and immigration will be front and center in the 17th District congressional campaign.

“Congressman Lawler is well on his way to sweeping endorsements from law enforcement because the men and women in blue – and their families – don’t want a ‘defund-the-police’ radical like Mondaire Jones anywhere near elected office,” said Russell. “Instead, they want someone like Congressman Lawler who is delivering millions in local police funding, leading the fight to get rid of cashless bail, and fighting back against New York’s asinine Sanctuary State and City policies that have created a total mess in our region.” 

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