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January 8, 2024

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1/8/2024, New City, NY – As Israel has fought to defend itself against the existential threat of Hamas, far-left politicians have begun turning on our greatest ally, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who have criticized and even called for the ending of aid to Israel in its hour of need. Mondaire Jones, who claims to support Israel, aligned himself closely with ‘the Squad’ while in Congress, who proudly touted endorsements from Senators Warren and Sanders in a newly unearthed podcast with Mehdi Hasanwhose anti-Israel views were too extreme for even MSNBC, and proudly affiliated himself with the Democratic Socialists of America in 2019.

During the podcast, Mondaire Jones is touted as the newest member of ‘the Squad’, with Mehdi Hassan heralding him:

Mehdi Hasan: “The Squad looks like it’s set to grow on Capitol Hill. This week saw big historic wins for progressives in Democratic congressional primaries.”

Mondaire Jones: More people who have the lived experiences that would inform our policy discussions should be at the table of power—fighting tooth and nail for the things we say we care about as the Democratic Party.

Mehdi Hasan: “That’s Mondaire Jones!”

Later in the interview, Mondaire Jones proudly touts endorsements from Sanders and Warren, stating:

Mondaire Jones: “Elizabeth Warren, Julián Castro, and Bernie Sanders have all endorsed my campaign.”

Mehdi Hasan: “A very good trio to be endorsed by, I’ll say.”

Ciro Riccardi, campaign manager for Congressman Mike Lawler, reacted to the unearthed interview.

“Mondaire Jones can’t have it both ways.  You either stand with Israel and denounce the anti-Israel rhetoric of people like Senators Warren, Sanders, and his fellow ‘Squad’ members or you don’t.  It’s time for moral clarity, not straddling the fence. Which is it, Mondaire?” asked Riccardi.  “Jones can try to rebrand himself a ‘pragmatist’ all he wants, but the truth is he’s a self-described ‘socialist’ with one of the most extreme voting records in Congress.”

Congressman Mike Lawler remains committed to supporting Israel in its time of existential need, and will not let radical leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren change his mind.


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