For NY-17, Mike Lawler’s the one for a safer, fairer future

July 28, 2022

The Journal News

By MaryEllen Odell

The Hudson Valley, New York State and the country are at a crossroads.

With inept leadership in Washington, D.C., and a party in power that is incapable of delivering real relief to the American people, it’s time for commonsense leaders who will work across the aisle to get things done.

Mike Lawler is that kind of leader. Just look at his record in the state Assembly. 

In the wake of the horrific Uvalde shooting, Lawler’s impassioned speech on the floor moved the majority to pass Alyssa’s Law, a measure that will protect schools and save the lives of children in the Hudson Valley.

When volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel from across the Hudson Valley expressed their concerns about the high cost-of-living, Lawler introduced and helped pass legislation that gave these brave first responders a 10% property tax exemption.

Amid the dramatic rise in inflation, soaring gas prices, and surging home energy costs, Lawler introduced legislation to suspend the gas tax, provide a tax credit to families hit with increased electrical bills and pushed for the state to suspend the sales tax on a number of everyday household items, to try and help folks get through these difficult economic times.

Lawlee also worked in a bipartisan fashion to address anti-Semitism in our state, passing legislation that will ensure every child in New York State receives a thorough education on the Holocaust, ensuring we never forget and never let it happen again.

Meanwhile, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney was voting with President Joe Biden 100% of the time.  But it’s worse than that.  Maloney didn’t just vote this disastrous economic agenda into reality — he was the person most singularly responsible for pushing Biden’s agenda through the Congress.  An agenda that has crushed working families, seniors, small businesses and young people just starting out.

See, at home, Maloney pretends to be a moderate, but the reality is that Maloney is an unbending partisan who cares more about catering to wealthy special interests and radical fringe groups within his own party.

Make no mistake, Maloney’s radical record goes beyond economics. In fact, it was Maloney who led the charge for cashless bail and amplified voices in his party calling to defund the police and, worse, attack police. No wonder police morale and recruitment are at historic lows and crime is soaring.

That’s not the leadership folks in the Hudson Valley need or deserve. 

We need Lawler in D.C. to get this record inflation and spending under control, to stand up to Russia and China, to secure our border and crack down on the drug cartels that are driving the opioid crisis, to get the SALT tax cap repealed and to advocate for commonsense policies on crime, where victims receive justice and criminals get punished.

Lawler was recently endorsed by Pete King, the popular, no-nonsense, former congressman from Long Island.  Pete was a model of bipartisan public service and someone who always delivered results.  

That’s the kind of congressman Lawler will strive to be.  As a new father to his little girl, Julianna, Lawler knows the stakes are high.  America is at a crossroads and is dangerously heading down the wrong path.

It’s time for a positive change. It’s time to elect Lawler to Congress.

MaryEllen Odell is the Putnam County Executive.