Press Release

Mike Lawler to Mondaire Jones: Tell us again who’s guilty of “unfathomable cruelty”

February 29, 2024

Lawler challenges Jones to own his radical views and apologize to border patrol & ICE agents

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Pearl River, NY, February 29 – As new details emerge about the brutal attack and murder of Laken Riley in Georgia, by illegal immigrant, Jose Antonio Ibarra, Congressman Mike Lawler today took Mondaire Jones to task for his radical support of open borders, backing of Sanctuary States and Cities, and for his calls to slash funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Lawler also demanded Jones retract, apologize, and answer for his accusations that U.S. Border Patrol agents are guilty of “unfathomable cruelty” against people illegally crossing into the United States, and of his assertions that ICE “terrorizes” illegal immigrants.

“I’ll tell you what ‘unfathomable cruelty’ is, Mondaire – it’s stalking a young woman who just wanted to go for a jog, hunting her down like an animal, and beating her so viciously it disfigured her skull,” said Congressman Lawler.  “That’s what terrorizing someone looks like. That’s what cruelty looks like.”

“If it weren’t for the Biden open border policies that Mondaire Jones wholeheartedly supported during his time in Congress and his embrace of Sanctuary State and City policies – that let Ibarra walk free after his arrest in New York City – Laken Riley would be alive today,” concluded Lawler. “It’s time for Mondaire Jones to answer for his radical and dangerous views and stop playing keyboard warrior on his Twitter/X. His support for extreme policies created the disaster at the Southern Border and Americans are paying the price for it.”