Fight to rename Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge back to Tappan Zee moves forward in Albany

April 26, 2022

CBS New York

NEW YORK — There’s an update in the fight to rename the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

A bill was introduced more than a year ago in Albany to restore the bridge’s original name — the Tappan Zee.

On Monday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers prevented the bill from being held in the Transportation Committee. This will allow it to move to the floor of the Assembly for a vote.

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo had the bridge renamed after his father back in 2018. 

Lawmakers said the move was done without the public’s input. Calls to restore the name grew even louder once Andrew Cuomo resigned from office amid scandal. 

Assemblyman Mike Lawler, who sponsored the bill, shared the following statement with CBS2:

“Today is a great day for those who believe in restoring the indigenous and historical name of a bridge that millions of New Yorkers still call by its rightful name – the Tappan Zee Bridge.”

“A bipartisan group of legislators rejected the long-used practice of ‘holding’ bills in committee, when they prevented Bill A.6594 from being held in the Transportation Committee. In fact, Chairman Magnarelli was forced to immediately withdraw the bill from the agenda – giving it another chance to advance to the floor of the Assembly for a vote. I will continue to push in the coming weeks for this bill to receive an up or down vote on the floor of the Assembly.”

“I sincerely hope that my colleagues in the Majority will see the benefits of removing the tarnished Cuomo name from the Tappan Zee Bridge and restoring the important indigenous and historical name that so many of us in the Hudson Valley cherish.”